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"Heart, Prayer, and in my backyard. In more detail, knowing the face behind the product and getting to see the plants at events throughout the season, or just on social media - I appreciate her local, small batch, locally sourced approach ( and for the record that's not normal requirements for me).  With CBD, I like to know where it comes from and how its raised."

Sarah Englebert

"I trust Peggy's products more than any other CBD products because I know how they are grown and taken care of and I know the heart she puts into everything she does.

I love that she educates customers on what CBD is and shows how it is grown, processed and made. I love the faith component that she puts into everything she does as well.

I use the products for sleep and pain management. They work wonderfully. I love the pain salve, CBD oil, bath bombs and lip balm."

Becky Hurley

Pri’CBD: Top CBD Wellness Products

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