Is CBD safe? Ask these 2 questions.

Safety and health are top concerns, especially when it comes to what you put in your body or on your body.

People often ask, is CBD safe to use. A growing field of research is indicating hemp-derived CBD may be helpful with treating a wide range of conditions. Here’s what the Mayo Clinic says about the safety of CBD. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a CBD-based prescription medication called Epidiolex for treating severe epilepsy.  (Read the FDA Consumer Report on CBD.)

Safe use of CBD comes down to two important factors:

1. Is it safe for YOU? 

Every body is different. While most people tolerate CBD very well with minimal side effects, it’s important to consult a doctor regarding how it could interact with any medications you are currently taking. In particular, be sure to ask your doctor if taking blood thinners or medications that may interact with grapefruit juice, as CBD may increase levels of such medications in your blood.

2. Is your CBD from a tested, reputable source?

Once you determine CBD is safe for you, do your homework on choosing a source. Look for companies that not only say they submit their products for third-party testing, but also look for those that make those lab results available to customers. Third-party lab analysis is important to look for because it verifies the levels of both CBD and THC in each bottle. Not all products on the market take this extra step to assure quality and contents.

For P’ri CBD, we send a representative sample from each small batch of our oils to a certified laboratory and pay for additional testing so our customers can be assured that what we say is in the bottle, truly is in the bottle. We share those lab results with you here

In addition, a QR code is on the bottle of each bottle. That code and batch number correlate directly back to each of our tested batches.

Transparency and traceability are important to you, and that’s why they are important to us too!

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