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Find Your North with Stephanie Lee Moore, Lifestyle and Mindset Coach

By Stephanie Lee Moore, Find Your North Strategy & Mindset Coaching

Why do so many women have a “full cup” yet end up feeling so empty sometimes? It’s usually because they don’t “have time” to do what they love, or even time to take care of themselves and their well-being.

“I’m tired, exhausted, burned out, I just don’t have enough time.”  Have you ever found yourself saying or feeling these words? It’s no secret that life can be chaotic and busy, with full, and sometimes overflowing cups. But are you making sure to make time to fill your cup? For your health and for your soul? 

Our days are filled with endless to-do lists, making sure our partner and kids are taken care of and the house is running smoothly, a workday full of never ending tasks, appointments and deadlines, running one errand to the next, after-school activities, events & projects. Sometimes it’s hard to feel caught up and in control as it is, let alone taking time for yourself.

There’s a reason we’ve heard it time and again; put on your oxygen mask before helping others. When you carve out space for yourself, you are better equipped to serve others.  

But how do we do that when our cup is already so full?

Here are 5 ways to create more space in your day to fill your cup.

1. Protect and honor your time.  

I use the word protect, because time is such a valuable resource and something that we cannot make more of, or get back once it’s used.  Have you ever found yourself working through your morning and afternoon breaks, or eating lunch  at your desk so you can finish up the extra project you told your boss you would take on? Remember, that time and space is there for a reason and meant to be honored, for YOU. I’m giving you permission to honor that time that is yours, to allow into that space what you want to be there. Maybe you want to find a quiet space to just be still in prayer, or to get a few pages in  of that book you’ve been wanting to read, or taking actions to build your side business, to workout and get your blood flowing and heart rate up. 

Protect it, honor it, and use it wisely.

2. Learn to say no.

This can be the most difficult one if you’re used to people-pleasing and making sure that everyone else’s needs are met.  I get it, you want to help everyone, and this is coming from a beautiful, servant’s heart.  But how often do you find yourself saying yes to “all the things”, then stressing about having too much to do? The stress and anxiety of not having enough time just continues to grow and you may snap on your husband, or be short with your kids, or not fully be satisfied with your work.  Saying no can be something as simple as “I appreciate you so much for thinking of me, that just doesn’t fit into my schedule right now.”

3. Observe and audit.

Sometimes we have more time than we realize, it is just being spent unintentionally. Continue to observe your actions and how your time is being used. If you find yourself scrolling social media for 30 minutes, or staying up late to watch a new Netflix series, ask yourself if that’s the best use of your time in that moment. Both are totally fine if that’s what your soul needs and they are intentional actions, but if your main goal is to grow your business or improve your health, there might be other ways you choose to spend your time that helps you move closer toward your goals. Be intentional with your time, and audit out what isn’t helping you move forward.

4. Declutter. 

Removing the items from your life that create unnecessary clutter will create not only physical, but additional mental space and clarity in your life.  If you find yourself constantly cleaning, putting things away, always having to take a day to “reorganize”, you might just have too much stuff. When you’re digging through your drawers and piles of pants, trying to find the one pair you love so much, ask yourself why you’re holding on to the items you continue to pass over? By simplifying your clutter and removing unnecessary items from your space  you will save time that’s spent rearranging, cleaning and organizing, over and over again, and also streamline your decision making time and process.

5. Prioritize your to-do list.

Getting your thoughts and tasks organized and down on paper is important, but it’s even more important to prioritize your list of what truly needs to be done first, if at all. Take a piece of paper and draw a + in the center of it, creating 4 quadrants. In each of these quadrants write: Do Now, Do Later, Delegate & Delete. Then, take your list and assign your tasks to each of one of these quadrants. It’s a quick visual reference of how to best organize your time, to realize what’s truly important in this moment, what you can do later, what you can outsource, and what should be removed from your list completely.

As you create space in your day and start to feel control of your time, remember it is not a should, but a must, to use some of that time to fill your own cup- to take care of your soul, your health and your body. Honor God by protecting and taking care of the vessel you were given, in order to show up fully, and whole-heartedly for others.  And remember, when you find yourself feeling anxious, and overwhelmed and saying to yourself “I just don’t have enough time,” slow down, take a deep breath, and remind yourself, “I have more than enough time for the important things.”

About Stephanie Lee Moore

Stephanie Moore is a life and mindset coach who offers 1:1 coaching and digital resources to help exhausted moms in the 9-5 find the time and energy to pursue their passions & feel alive again.

Aside from her coaching business, she is happily married with three children (19,11,2), three black labs, and works in corporate technology sales. She lives in the country and enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, staying active, creating art, pottery, and cooking.

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