3 Tips for Taming Your High-Energy Child’s Meltdowns

Some days the extravagant amounts of energy, the excessive meltdowns or the endless shenanigans leave you feeling helpless as a parent.  And so you research “how to help your child with ADHD?”  But yet you struggle to know what is helpful and what is not.

Well, here are 3 tips that I have found helpful in all of these areas:

1.  Post a written or visual schedule

Visual schedules tend to be an easy way for a child to follow and know what is next in the day.  Children crave routine and want to know what’s next/what to expect for the day.  Knowing the schedule for the day will reduce melt-down as your child knows what’s planned for the day, and this helps to reduce the “surprise” of having to get dressed or leave the home for an appointment.  It will help make them feel more in control to know to schedule for the day.

2.  Plan time to release the energy

The next tip of planning to reduce energy is very important, especially if you’re leaving for a place that your child will have to sit for a long period time—either to get there or once getting to the place.  So before leaving the house, plan some sort of activity for at least 10 minutes that will allow them to move their bodies, which can be done as they are getting ready.  You can have them do 10 jumping jacks before dressing, or hop/skip/jump to brush their teeth.  

3.  Taking/using supplements (Disclaimer: Always consult your child’s doctor)

The last tip that I often give parents that I work with is using supplements or even specific foods to help your child’s behavior and focus.  I often have parents use protein and higher fat foods like avocados which are both great for the brain and are needed to help a child focus.  So make your child a smoothie in the morning and incorporate protein (either by foods or protein) and add in avocado along with veggies and fruits.  Omegas are also great for the brain and for focus, so you can have your child take a supplement or use a liquid and put it in the smoothie too.  Some parents have found that the use of CBD oil has helped their child and this maybe the case as it more than likely helps their child with their anxiety, which in turn is helping with them to be able to focus.  If you aren’t sure about using CBD oil in the oral form, try a bath bomb or oil roller to see if this will help your child calm down or at least use this at night to help them get sleep, which we all know is important for brain function and for the body to heal itself as well as to allow the brain to rest so that the next day they can focus and have less behaviors. 

*(Disclaimer—please check with your child’s doctor regarding use of any supplements and CBD oil)

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